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Home » Arcadem | The Armory Bulk Buy Slot Review

The very first of its kind

  Arcadem Bring a unique game to our playability with a twist 

    along with there other titles there’s a story behind each slot

Slot Name

Slot provider

The Armory Bulk Buy ™️

Slot Feature's
Fun Factor's
Max Wins Possibility
3500x 75%

While playing this game in demo mode, I found my self building a Competition  to play more and more to beat JAK, Not only beat him but to win more money why Vs him so playing more spins at a time and bigger bet value’s & like that you could be running so bad and the change of one spin can put you in the lead, But its good when it happens For you, But when JAK does it, Its not tilting but the Feeling of being Beat, Fun factor’s all round 

Overall for being the first of its kind i like the idea and would like to see more Slots like this From

The Armory Bulk Buy ™️

Come swing by The Armory Where all your top-quality weapons and arm are  available, For a price of course.

You can even pit yourself against the proprietor JAK to see who really runs the black market, Where the winner truly take’s all the spoils,

So JAK would say ‘What’re ya buyin, What’re sellin?



There are 30 symbols, Each individual symbol having a specific value

⦾ The bet level is set the BET selector 

⦾ Bulk buy automatically play’s the game for the selected number of rounds that the player chooses to buy. ⦾

⦾ Winning combination’s and payout’s according to the Paytable 

⦾ Only one value is paid for each individual symbol’s added. ⦾

⦾ Simultaneous or coinciding wins on different symbols are added. ⦾ 

Player layout 3×1, pay order: All individual symbols have a pay value according to the PAYTABLERTP 47%

JAK (computer) layout 3×1, pay order: All individual symbols have a pay value according to the PAYTABLERTP 47%


Tie return to player (RTP) 2%

Total return to player (RTP) 96%



Player’s can opt into buying ‘BULK SPIN’S’ if the player opt’s into ‘BULK BUYING’ a select number of spin’s, Weather they be 1, 5, 10, 25, 75, 100, 250, 500, 750, 1000. The game will play those spin’s out similar to how autoplay in a slot game work’s, Totalling up the players total amount of wins above the player’s instance, While also doing the same for the computer instance.

Whichever instance has the highest amount Total won at the end of the ‘BULK BUY’ wins the amount there instance and other’s parties instance combined. In a event of a tie, Both instance receive their total pot value back only



Rtp Model's






Bet Size

€1 – €100 (per spin)

Release Date


Bonus Buys


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